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    Practice English every day… Talk with confidence

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    How Does it Work?

    1.  Choose a Topic

    1. Choose a Topic

    Decide what context you want to discuss.  
     The Keeptalking Methodology gives you the freedom to select what is truly interesting for you.  Learn something valuable but in a second language!
    2.  Choose a Speaker and Time

    2. Choose a Speaker and Time

    Our speakers are from across the globe,
    Find people from UK, USA, Australia, Sweden, and many other countries.
    Interact with different cultures, accents
    and backgrounds. Just like in real life!
    3.  Connect to your Live Interaction

    3. Connect to your Live Interaction


    Keep talking English from the comfort of your home, office, farm, wherever you are you can practice online the global language of business and international collaboration.


    Member ‘s Online

    “Knowledge is of no value until you put it into practice.   Anton Chekhov

    Why Keeptalking?

    Personalized Content

    Choose from our wide selection of topics. We curate the web every week so you find topics that are current and interesting for you to discuss!

    Flexible Hours

    No need to drive across the city and get stuck in traffic.  Our Online Interactions start at 6am and end at 11pm.   Practice and Improve your level anytime, anywhere!

    Expert Feedback

    Not sure what you still need to improve?    With our expert teachers you will know exactly what areas of language you still need to work on and how you can sound more natural.

    Be a global citizen!

    After taking courses and completing text books most people are still not fluent in a second language.  The problem is they don’t use the language constantly enough for it to become an automatic brain response.  This is why we’ve designed a methodology where you get to practice daily. Choose from over 100 different topics to discuss.

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