How to improve your fluency in another language? Keep talking, it’s what everybody says.

There was a time when people thought the way to learn languages was to sit, dictionary in hand, looking up words and memorizing their translations. For some people, this worked. Just like it worked pushing rocks to build the pyramids. Nowadays it’s not necessary that much effort and it’s possible to reach a higher fluency by using a modern methodology and much practice.

Practice Spanish with local teachers

Keeptalking offers online conversation-based tutoring with experienced, native Spanish-speaking teachers. We don’t believe in wasting time on worksheets and you can schedule your tutoring sessions whenever you’re available. For more listening and speaking practice, join us at our weekly language exchanges, where you can engage with a diverse group of language learners! You’ll practice and learn more vocabulary and improve your pronunciation in Spanish. Choose from a great place near to you of many we have available and share with other people looking to level up the skills as you do. 

Keeptalking is a global community that brings together locals and foreigners. At our language exchanges, you can improve your fluency by having interesting conversations about a wide range of subjects and playing games to break the ice and keep a fluent dialog. You’ll be able to practice with experts and local speakers, so you’ll be able to learn new things and perfect what you already know.

Come to our language exchanges!

Our languages interchanges happen weekly, in different parts of Medellin. They start at 6 pm, but we know you’ll stay until closing time. 

Tuesday- Barrio Central Café Bar, Laureles: A very nice bar in a very quiet area of Laureles. Pub food and cocktails served in a laid-back space with outdoor seating and an upbeat atmosphere.

Wednesday in Barrio Sur Café Bar (Envigado): A place where you can find interesting events all the time like live music and language exchanges. Excellent atmosphere, delicious menu, and friendly staff.

Wednesday (every 15 days) at Barrica Cervecería (Poblado): Find the best craft beers and delicious gastronomy to accompany them on this site. Enjoy different beer games, language exchanges, and good music.

Thursday at El Arranque Café Bar (Poblado): Enjoy a warm atmosphere, good drinks, music and friendly attention from the staff. An excellent place to have a conversation while eating good food.

All you need to do is show up, make new friends, and practice! 

Wear your best smile and let the staff take care of everything else so everybody can participate and get to know the other people. Table games mods for dialogue purpose, fun activities for improving vocabulary and pronunciation, add some great people and a well-chosen place for everybody to feel comfortable.

Practice and learn with us

We learn languages by talking, and we improve our skills by practicing.  With Keeptalking you’ll be able to speak and practice as native speakers and experienced teachers listen to you, correct you, and give you tips that will help you practice and improve your fluency.

At Keeptalking we also count on an Online Platform where you can do learning activities and get feedback for leveling up as quickly as possible. Come and visit us at our site and in our cultural interchanges, we’ll be waiting for you. See you at Keeptalking. Be fluent… Be Global!