This is a question you need to ask yourself every morning. Since you wake up until you get sleep. And you know what? Because this has a lot to do with the way you see life. You must always wonder:

  • What if I do something different today?.
  • What about if I take some chances and improve my life and my loved ones’s on the path?

In the pursuing of happiness one mostly get lost in things that actually does not make us feel happy. We just feel “if i could even reach that” vague sensation of despairing. So, what about if we just get unstuck to that pursuit and just enjoy the process of living, the process of working, the process of raising our kids, the process of studying, and so on. Just to enjoy the process.

“What about if…?” is not just an english native expression used to ask someone or oneself ¿What would happen if you or I do that?. It should be a way of living for us, because if you do not ask yourself continuously: what do you have to improve?, what would it be a better way to change your life?, you’ll never thrive in any aspect, since no one else is going to worry for your progress in life, but you. Just “YOU”.

We invite you to watch –if you haven’t done– our talks this week about improve your breathing just doing a ten minutes daily session and see how your life improves thoroughly since you change your mindset and go to a intrinsic mindfullness state which will cause your brain to make room to new ideas, to unlearn bad habits and to learn better.

This is going to bring us to thrive not just in our personal life but in many other aspects like your second language learning.

And remember, if you want to get better, just keeptalking.