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    Hi guys,

    Today we are going to learn ten different uses of the verb talk, so that we can
    practice them in our #dailyimmersion meetings and become more fluent.
    Because if we want to improve, we must #keeptalking.

    So without further delay, let’s talk.

    To talk (someone) into = Convince someone to do something,
    persuade them, giving them good reasons to do something. For
    example: My teacher talked me into taking another course with her.

    To talk (someone) out of = Persuade someone not to do something.
    For example: My wife wanted to buy a new car, but I talked her out of

    To talk down to (someone) = To speak to someone in a
    condescending way, as if they are not as important or as intelligent as
    you are. For example: My brother thinks he is smarter than me, so he
    always talks down to me.

    To talk over (someone) = To talk when the other person is not
    finished talking. Interrupting. For example: Please stop talking over
    me. Let me finish talking first.

    To talk back = Reply rudely. To answer disrespectfully. For example:
    all children talk back and act up from time to time.

    Talk is cheap = This idiom means that it is easy to say you are going
    to do something, but actions speak louder than words. You have to
    follow through and do what you say you will do. For example: Don’t
    believe what she says, talk is cheap.

    To be all talk = When someone says they will do something, but they
    do not do it. For example: He is all talk, do not trust him.

    To talk (someone’s) ear off = To talk a lot, to the point where the
    people who are listening get bored or tired. For example: He loves to
    talk. Last night he talked our ears off.

    Smooth talker = A person who knows what to say to deceive
    someone. A manipulator, a deceiver. For example: Keep away from
    that smooth talker. She might get you into trouble.

    Sweet talker = A Charming person. A person who knows exactly what
    you want to hear. For example: He is a sweet talker, so he swept them
    all off their feet.

    Well, we’ve reached the end of these 10 uses of “Talk”. Keep in mind that the
    more you use these phrases, the better you will understand how to speak
    English naturally.

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