Does this term even exist?

We don’t think it does. But what if it does exist? Or what if we made it up? The English language is so rich and malleable that we can even make up certain expressions. Real people in the real world do just that.

But that is not our goal for today.

We actually want you to watch the video that our speaker Sean has published on our YouTube channel, which is actually a summary of the Keeptalking IG Live he had with addictions specialist Dr. David Romanowsky.

It was an amazing IG Live like many others we have had on our Instagram. This is an opportunity to invite you to visit us, if you have not done so yet.

So without further introduction, let’s dive into the topic and the vocabulary Sean used in the video that we can use to enhance our own vocabulary.

What is an addiction?

According to our specialist, an addiction is any behavior that gives you short-term pleasure but then has numerous long-term consequences.

What are cravings?

A craving is an intense desire, oftentimes produced by addictions to drugs for example. Another word we can use to describe this is yearning.

David says we must treat the root of the problem instead of the problem itself. This means we must pay attention to the causes of the addiction to see what is the reason why someone is having and addictive behavior, and treat that problem instead of the addiction itself.

For instance, if someone has a low self-esteem, we must look within their personality to find what is the emotion or problem that is causing those feelings, rather than just saying we are going to take away the drug. The latter takes us to our next concept that is Stop “Cold Turkey”.

What does Stop “Cold Turkey” mean? This means to stop doing something suddenly and completely. David says this is something that should be avoided, and he recommends trying to gradually reduce the addictive behavior instead.

He also recommends to not let someone hit rock bottom which means to let them to fall to the point where their problem is so bad that there is no way out.

We need to intervene earlier and treat the problem before it is too late.

What is self-medication? People who suffer from any mental disorder such as attention deficit disorder or anxiety often self-medicate with drugs such as cocaine or marijuana. This is not recommended in any way.

Finally, What about social media addiction? As David said, we need to recognize where in the addiction spectrum the person is. This spectrum is sort of a measure of the addictiveness, and off course, some addictions are more serious than others. Addiction is not a black and white definition, but rather a spectrum in which we have to figure out where the person with the addictive behavior falls.

That’s all for this topic. We hope you’ve enjoyed this content and that you visit our social media profiles to get more content like this, so that we can #keeptalking, and be fluent and be a global citizen.

See you soon!

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