Here are some definitions found in

⦁ An act of overcoming or penetrating an obstacle or restriction.
⦁ A military offensive that penetrates an enemy’s lines of defense.
⦁ A major achievement or success that permits further progress, as in technology.

The first and third definitions apply to me, and I am going to tell you why.

About three months ago, I was facing an obstacle or restriction when I tried to speak English. I
felt I was good at writing and reading, even at listening, but when speaking I felt embarrassed,
trying to free my tongue and searching my mind for the right words to say. Now I’ve overcome
that embarrassment and I feel more comfortable speaking thanks to #dailyimmersion with

The staff make you feel good right when you enter the platform. They give you a
FREE trial so that you can join their meetings and get to know their methodology, which I am
pretty sure you are going to love.

In addition, their CEO gives you a weekly personalized #feedback session through an
#englishmasterclass, where we can learn from our mistakes.
If that’s not enough, #keeptalking offers us several activities that get us into a real immersion of
the language.

Don’t you think this is a great breakthrough? I do.

That is why I am inviting you to get your FREE daily immersion or take a membership in any of
the specialized programs and overcome your fear of speaking English, in a friendly and
effortlessly way. Because as one of the speakers says: If you want to get better, you must

Best regards!